NMDF 2014 is here!



This is our fourth annual meeting again, and from the looks of it, we are about to top off last years meet. If you didn’t attend our 2013 meeting, we had at least 1200 cars on the lot along with a minimum of 4000 attendees. This year, from day one we can sense that this is going to be one crazy event. From the massive amounts of cars to jumpers, face paintings, raffles, huge sponsors and much more! We are even working on getting a live Skydiving jump for the event this year. So are you ready to attend the NM Desert Fest 2014 event? If so, registeration is right below. Click on the link and register, proceeds will be donated again this year to multiple animal shelters and other good causes. NMDF is a good cause car meet, so lets pitch in to help our fellow pets.


NM Desert Fest 2011 Video

Here is a quick video of last years event! Register today to come to NM Desert Fest 2012!