NM Desert Fest 2011 Video

Here is a quick video of last years event! Register today to come to NM Desert Fest 2012!


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It’s right around the corner, and so far so good! We have several registered cars that are simply clean. From muscle to stance, we are still wanting to see some big guns. We have quite the show coming up and I think New Mexico has a national potential that is unseen by others. Be ready to have your car clean and fully ready for some photos as shoots will be taking effect during the time of the show. If you want to put on your own theme, you are always welcome to do so.

Shops, bring out your best of the best and show what you are capable of. It’s time to show off your potential at an ultimate tuner and muscle show. We are excited and we hope everyone else is as well! We will be seeing everyone on the 19th, and remember, everyone is welcome to come and checkout the local unseen rides. This is not your typical Hooters car show, this is what we have been missing in town all along!